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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 29, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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give you a hint, do not be pestiferous when writing to the factor or doing anything else. thank you for watching. remember the spin stops right here. we are definitely looking out we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ >> sean: well, he did it again. wikileaks founder julian assange has delivered yet another black eye to the white house and to the united states of america. more than 250,000 classified documents will soon be available for all the world to read. this time, he targeted the obama state department. the latest leak organize straited by assange is called despicable and threat to national security. and they want wikileaks designated as a terrorist
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organization, king does. but president obama was quiet on the matter today. at an afternoon meeting, he refused to comment on the crisis and left the room when reporters started to ask him questions. my friend, pal, buddy, robert gibbs wasn't so lucky. he was unable to dodge the press at the briefing. take a look. >> the president was is an understatement not pleased with this information becoming public. as you saw in the presidential campaign and during the time in the white house, open and transparent government is something the president believes is important. >> that's how he feels according to robert gibbs. however, we have yet to hear from the president himself on the crisis. joining me in studio with reaction dick morris who is here. welcome back. >> thank you.
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>> sean: you are writing a column on the hillary clinton state department that the secret police is back. how do you connect it there? >> it's on dickmorris col com. she is up to her old tricks. when she was running the presidential campaign with bill, she had detectives, secret police digging up dirt on women involved with clinton. so they could be blackmailed to violence. linda tripp personnel file was splashed all over the newspaper and the government had to pay a fine for that. now she is up to the same trips, credit card numbers and biometric information, birth dates, all kind of information about their counterparts who work for other countries. it looks terrible.
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>> sean: there is contradictory stuff. the government collects data on all sorts of people, americans watching this show. what confidence can we have in terms of their ability to protect people's confidentiality, especially in light of the new healthcare law? is government is in charge of healthcare. >> this is a special threat. she didn't want information on their personality. it's for blackmail. what do you want their credit card for or frequent flyers miles? why were you at this place where you shouldn't have been and would your wife like to know about it? why did you expense this meal at a restaurant?
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that's how communists work. get information on everybody -- >> sean: so you are saying you think hillary wants to blackmail diplomats and foreign head of state and that is the reason, the biggest revelation in your mind? >> what other reason is there for gathering the information? the "new york times" speculated it could be used to compromise. it's what she wants to do and thinking of doing it, to get the personal information, contract the whereabouts, where they have eaten and what they've flown. personal information. it's in the for a scrapbook. >> sean: what do you make of saudi king abdullah, apparently urging the united states and pressuring them to attack iran and the nuclear weapons program on one hand. other hand, the information telling us that their up to their eyeballs funding groups like al-qaeda. they want the best of both
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worlds. >> hillary has done an effective job to selling bomb and make it impossible for israel to attack. strengthening the point where they bit. i've been giving her credit and a little bit of a pass. when she is up to her eyeballs with this stuff, to get personal information to compromise them, that goes back to her old tricks of the secret police. this is the same woman hired a bar bouncer to sit in the white house and go through files of republican party leaders. >> sean: iran got sophisticated missile from north korea capable of hitting major cities in person europe, or that we find that these countries want the united states to take out the iranian nuclear facilities. what does this do for the
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future mission they want to be involved in. i won't want to trust the government again. >> precisely. you won't tell the truth to the american representative and you won't trust that it won't be printed. this was a tremendous damage to the united states. i gree with those who say it. but this raises question of what business we have doing in that stuff and what business does the president who pledge transparency in the world have doing this stuff. >> sean: you are looking forward to the 2012 election and you think the republican candidate will be chosen on the fox news channel. what did you mean like that? >> in the old days, like last cycle, iowa and new hampshire would see all the candidates first because they couldn't afford national publicity.
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they would look and decide who they like or didn't like. we would choose among top two in the party. now i believe that will take place on fox news. you have 67% of the americans who identify themselves as republicans. saying that they watch fox several times a week. 51% watch it every night. 49% of the independents watch it several times a week. 21% of the democrats, too by the way. as far as what is going to happen, all of the republican nominees and candidates that want the nomination will be on your show and o'reilly and the record and bret baier and all the shows, "fox and friends" and we will get to know them pretty darn well. it's not just that iowa and new hampshire knows who tim pawlenty is. >> sean: is there anyone who is going to break through?
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>> first, what happens to those who already have broken through. romney is fatally flawed because of the healthcare stuff. sarah palin has problems and i don't know if she will run. why are only 16% supporting her if even likes her. >> sean: the latest poll showed her with more support than anybody at 19%. romney at 18%. >> different poll. whatever. the point is that she is well known and well liked, but people are worried if she can win. ditto with huckabee. in terms of the newt gingrich we don't know if he is running or not. of the rest of the field, the one i think people are looking at most is chris christie. he has accomplished miracles in new jersey. >> sean: it's interesting, mitch daniels name comes up quite a bit and he says he won't run. >> dams has a fantastic record in indiana, especially on school choice, voucher and collarship and getting away from the teacher union monopoly.
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>> dick morris, good to see you. plenty of time for that debate. plenty more "hannity" straight ahead. the united states strongly condemn illegal disclosure of classified information. >> more information on the wikileaks documents. how embarrassing is it for the obama administration? >> could have figured out a better way to do this. >> with the holiday behind us, was the screening process as bad as the media made it sound or worse? buffalo bill wide receiver dropped game-winning touchdown but guess who he gamed for the miscue? "hannity" continues straight ahead.
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but hurry -- the offer ends soon. ♪ the united states strongly condemning illegal disclosure of classified information. i want to set the record straight. there is nothing laudable about endangering innocent people and there is nothing brave about sabotaging the peaceful relations between nations on which our common security depends. >> sean: that was secretary of state hillary clinton discussing the growing diplomatic crisis sparked by the leak of hundreds of thousands of classified documents. today, more details are emerging about what was in the cables. a number of them had unflattering information.
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they are upset about the comments about david ram on and former prime minister gordon brown. according to the "guardian" newspaper, u.s. officials deliver an "embarrassing assessment of call ron" and refer to the former leader brown as "weak" on french president sarkozy. the documents reveal him as thin skin and called him the emperor with no close. officials of silvio berlusconi, they claim he's feckless, vain and ineffective as a modern european leader. hamid karzai is described as paranoid and weak. kim jong il is labelled a flabby old chap. iran president is like "hitler." that is a sample. with more on the details from the document dump we're joined by speechwriter to former president bush, author of "courting disaster," mark thiessen is with us.
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welcome back. >> good to be here. >> sean: you wrote a column about this and you have strong comments saying because of their failure to act, responsibility for damage done by the recent disclosure rest with the obama administration. explain. >> the first disclosures came out three months ago in august and the obama administration put out word that the justice department was looking at the charge against julian assange. the pentagon put out a statement saying that if he didn't cease and desist they'd make him do the right thing. nothing happened. months passed and first time we were caught by surprise. he has been saying for months he would release the information. they did nothing. no international arrest warrant. vaunted diplomatic skills have been useless getting ice lant or sweden to operate or arrest him and bring charge against him. they basically, a guy who sits around sleeping on other people's couches and changing the hair color to avoid
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surveillance is bringing diplomacy to its heels. incredible sign of weakness. >> 75,000 stolen documents reveal identity of 100 afghans who are working for the united states and helping us and cooperating with us in the battle against the taliban. these are real lives in deputy and in danger. that was step one. many of the documents released and classify and now this. what is -- why? why didn't they go after this guy and why didn't they arrest him and stop it being published when we had time to do it? >> a mystery to eme. they talk tough. the worst thing you can do is talk tough and do nothing. the pentagon put out a statement if he didn't stop we'd make him do the right thing.
9:17 pm
the first tool is international diplomacy. indict him and do it secretly. he can stop them from disseminating the information. but failing that, we can act unilaterally and we can get him without another country's permission. we did it with general noriega. there is authority in the office of legal counsel we can take somebody anywhere in the world. we have u.s. cyber come. we have the capability to shut down this guy's web servers and stop him from disseminating the information. we failed to do it. >> sean: you pointed out in the peace and this struck me is the past week the federal government took decisive action to shut down 70 websites that were disseminating pirated music and movies. one other things, the "new york times" for example, they wouldn't publish memos in the climate gate scandal because they were "stolen" and it was
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invasion of privacy. the "new york times" decides they would publish this information which compromises national security and puts people's lives in jeopardy. if the government can do this, why don't they do it here? >> it's right. eric holder on the news today with press conference about wikileaks. the press conference was a previously scheduled press conference to pat himself on the back for shutting down 70 websites selling prioritied movies and pirated music. if you put out pirated music and movies, you have the full force of the u.s. law against you. if you do this with security information you can do whatever you want. astounding message of weakness to the world that we can't stop this guy with the blogging and releasing this stuff from doing it. >> sean: let me ask the question i asked dick morris. what do you make of the saudi king that wants to literally cut off the head of the snake, pressuring the u.s. to attack iran and end the nuclear
9:19 pm
weapons program on one happened. on the other hand, they're funding al-qaeda and other terrorists groups. >> there are a lot of people in saudi arabia funding outside terrorist groups. i found fascinating that obama came in and opened up dialogue with iran. we can see how that's working out. iran has missiles that can reach western capitals and the arab world doesn't want to us talk to iran, they want us to bomb iran. >> thank you for being with us. plenty more "hannity" ahead. >> we are here to protest t.s.a.. >> one of the busiest travel weekends of the year is over. so was the controversy over the t.s.a. patdowns hyped? the battle heats up over the funding for national public radio in light of juan williams firing debacle? should your taxpayers money fund them? and calling for world war ii
9:20 pm
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>> sean: fox news alert. police out of wisconsin say they are making progress at a hostage standout at a local hospital. this began 3:45 today. we're told a mail student armed with a handgun took students and teacher hos gaj but now, police say that five of the students were released and they're now interviewed. so far no one has been hurt in the standoff. they will continue to bring you developments as we get
9:25 pm
them. meanwhile, holiday travelers flock to airports together in a crowd of fear. grassroots movement called for passengers to refuse full body scanners the day before thanksgiving and dubbed national opt-out day. while it could have caused headaches at airports, the t.s.a. report that few people chose to opt out. one woman arrived at l.a.x., you can see there, in a bathing suit and told reporters she hoped to avoid a pat down or body scan. >> they are in violation of the fourth amendment that guarantees protection from the unreasonable search. >> there are better ways to do airport security. >> sean: joining me now with reaction to the t.s.a. screening procedures are
9:26 pm
attorney tamara holder and bob massey. both fox news contributors. first, it seems based on reports that they backed off this. they didn't use the pat-down procedures and they didn't use the full body scanners as much as we thought. my take on that is they want to acclimate people to this and get them used to it before they get a full blown protest. >> i think you're right. i think the mistake they made, we all want to be safe in the air. pre-emptively, my take, they didn't prepare the american people properly. there was a way to go about this. like one day we woke up and all of a sudden we had the scanners and the pat down. everybody saying wait a second. again, get to a mentality of too much government intervention and rights being effected and that's why we had that reaction. they could have handed it better. >> they are doing this in the name of safety and nones and
9:27 pm
little old ladies and children, but they don't control the borders so they're not doing everything they can there. they give civilian trials to terrorists and now they'll take away the rights of american people to do the simple and basic procedures, profiling. >> you are mixing apples and oranges. >> sean: no, i'm -- >> are we question baiting border security and guantanamo bay or talk about issue at the security check point? the goal of the united states government is another 9/11 does not occur. it has not occurred. i'm not a fan of being felt-up by a ran doll t.s.a. official, but at the end of the day, i don't really care if it's going to prevent a terrorist from walking on plane. >> sean: what is next? full body cavity search?
9:28 pm
you are missing the point. if they don't want 9/11 top happen maybe they should stop people crossing the border at will. including enemies of the united states. if they don't want a terrorist attack, maybe they shouldn't give them civilian trials when we should have military tribunals where they'll be convicted. >> jose padilla was from chicago. >> sean: you're not answering the question. >> jihad jane was american. so looking at people who are coming here from the border is just one way to look at it. many massey says the american people were dumped with a body scanner thing when they were talking about it in 2007. document and testimony of body scanners for the past four years. >> sean: bob? >> i think one of the things that concern me that what was
9:29 pm
the epiphany that happened after how many years after 9/11 they decided to do it? what triggered this? one or two incident we saw in the last year? that is my first concern. i called someone and spoke with a t.s.a. representative and i said give me an idea what kind of training you have had, training classes, videos -- i mean no disrespect to t.s.a. they have a tough job. they said call the p.r. department. i called the p.r. department in 801 area code and i left a message and never got a call back. i said i'm not trying to pick on you, but is there parity in the training here? how do we know we'll be treated as mccaren as another airport in the country?
9:30 pm
>> do you think we should give the same treatment for exchange student and grandma going through the wheelchair in airports? wouldn't we be better off using intelligence and profiling and our abilities to know everything that we know, that we can know about every passenger before they show up at the airport? that seems like the best use of the limited resources? >> these are total extremes. appropriate to pat down old lady? no. appropriate to look at somalian coming over from the border who is back and forth? yes. but there are people in between as well. >> sean: so you're comfortable -- >> 30,000 people a year patted down in your private areas? >> it depends. i agree with bob what are the procedures or training?
9:31 pm
i saw something about a six-hour video. it requires more knowledge than the limited amount that we have. >> thank you for being with us. we got breaking news across the while. we told you at the top of the segment all of the hostages in wisconsin now have been released in the time we start this cig meant. good news out of wisconsin. as we have more details we'll bring them to you right here on the fox news channel. coming up, debate over defunding the liberal mouthpiece, national propaganda radio heats up. what are the tax dollars paying for? propaganda? that is up next. a democratic congressman says he knows who to blame for historic midterm losses. that and the great, great american panel with beckel straight ahead. [piano keys banging]
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>> sean: blue dog democrat who narrowly won re-election says blame for historic losses lies with president obama and nancy pelosi. we are talking about the loss of 60 seats held by capable publicer is vants and there had to be something going on in the level above them. if that isn't a lesson, i don't know what is." one of the rare times i agree with a democrat. more just ahead. ohhhh.... will you marry me? oooh, helzberg diamonds. yeah, well he must have saved some money with geico. reminds me of the gecko mating call. really? how does that go? shoo be doo be doo. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>> sean: in january, republicans take majority in house of representatives. will they push for defunding the public radio? they flared up when the npr ceo shiller fired juan williams over the controversial comment he is made last month. in reality, the actions showed that the powers of be at npr were dead set making sure that only the left wing opinions aired on the network. now republicans are wondering why are the taxpayers dollars pay to put the liberal propaganda on the air. congressman doug lamborn called to defund the network voted down in the house. senator jim deminute is vowing to put an end to the taxpayers subsidy. will they put more force behind the effort?
9:37 pm
joining me with more from the daily caller, and the founder of the movement vision lab. i don't know what that is. sally is here. good to see you. thank you for being here. >> we're broke, the country is headed for bankruptcy. why a network allowing one commentator to wish that jesse helms and his grandchildren get aids. they didn't fire her. why should we pay one taxpayer dollar for npr? >> this isn't about the juan williams firing. i think that firing was a mistake, and stupid, but it wasn't censorship. but saying to npr or public broadcasting we're going to pull your funding because we don't like one thing you did here or there -- >> sean: that is one issue, one argument. explain why the taxpayer dollars should go to radio when george soros is donating money and they raise, they
9:38 pm
supposedly claim most of the money on air. there are sources that say they're not as honest how much money they get. what is the function role of government here? >> this is trifle with money. this is the republicans not talking about the serious issue. >> why don't we have taxpayer dollars funding town hall or news max? this doesn't make sense. it was publicly funded for '70s and '80s and the intent was to wean it off the government funding. so they get a bail-out, what the government does. >> they. we to get private con frobution, george soros contribution and why they're still funded at all right now is mystery. 30 years after the fact.
9:39 pm
>> the mystery is why we're talking about this. every time this is brought up, it fails. 67% of american get the news from npr or pbs and according to the polls, the most trusted source in news. >> according to polls, fox news is the most -- >> right. in 2005 it won award for being trusted name in news. i don't know if that is a viable proof. >> talking about -- >> the influence now -- [ overtalk ] >> do you believe in freedom and free enterprise? families struck to pay the mortgage. they can't send kids to college and they can't make the car payment. real unemployment is 17%. why should any taxpayer dollar go to that and we could pay down the debt or help poor people? >> trying to rope me in. talking about $440 million,
9:40 pm
$1.4 -- >> $440 million. real money. >> the united states government spends three-and-a-half times -- >> that is not an argument. >> on office furniture. >> not an argument. >> it is. >> the government should not use taxpayer argument to fund non-essentials. sorry, listening to car talk every night is not essential use of government funding. >> get clear. we're not talking about funding n.p.r. talking about funding 1,000 local stations. most in rural counties. >> we might have had an argument years ago but with the internet, and cable news and more radio station than you could imagine, if you want liberal news somewhere, compete in the free marketplace of ideas. air america, i said at the time i wanted them to succeed. why? people would get off my back to express the views as a conservative host. they failed. let people donate to npr and
9:41 pm
keep them on the air. >> this is not enough. >> this is what we do in a country where we form government to create and protect the common good. >> common good? >> liberal propaganda is not common good. >> the reality is this is a right wing -- >> rush limbaugh will be -- we could put rush limbaugh on there. >> any media -- >> sean: how many conservatives -- [ overtalk ] >> sean: name prominent con seventive on norpr. >> they quote the conservative think tank than liberal think tanks. >> that's settled. >> npr devotes 21% to the international coverage. talk radio across the board -- >> you know why? i'll tell you why. public good. >> do you want to know why conservative talk radio works? people want to hear it. >> people don't -- >> marketplace of ideas.
9:42 pm
>> 2 million people donate -- >> not everybody. all right. that's all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. good to see you both. let not your heart be troubled. our great, great, great american panel straight ahead. [ male announcer ] opportunity is a powerful force. set it in motion... and it goes out into the world like fuel for the economy. one opportunity leading to another... and another. we all have a hand in it. because opportunity can start anywhere, and go everywhere. let's keep it moving. ♪
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. hostage standoff is over. all the 20 plus students and teacher has been released. it began today when male student armed with a handgun entering the school. we will bring you more information as we get more information. first, on the panel, former secretary of state, left wing lunatic, fox news contributor
9:47 pm
and "usa today" columnist bob beckel is here. nationally syndicated talk show host and partner of hewitt and linsky, hugh hewitt. and dana loesch is here. receiver drops the football. do you know whose fault it is? if you are a liberal you blame george w. bush. >> global warming. >> sean: i praise you 24/# and this is how you do me? you expect me to learn from this? i'll never forget. >> i have little sympathy for this. i played college football and picked up a fumble and went the wrong way and had to be tackled by my own teammate to get in the end zone on the other side. this guy will remember this for the rest of his life. it could have caught that ball today. you could have caught it. >> what do you mean? i can catch! >> sean: but i feel for the guy. picked up politics from the
9:48 pm
football. >> maybe get heat too much m times. >> sean: why can't obama do something about the wikileaks? we got this four months ago and we can't stop this guy from stealing highly classified documents? that puts people's lives at it risk. >> we knew it was happening. julian assange said i have this stuff and i'm going to release it! everybody sat around and swidalled their thumbs. the lack of urgency i see with the administration. trend here. >> arrested in may of last year. we have known it was coming -- may of this year. we've known it was coming. eric holder is going to switzerland to lobby for the world cup coming to the united states in 2020. this is simply collapsing. they don't have ideas or enforcement authority. they don't have consultants or anything going for them at this point. what would he do in a war?
9:49 pm
>> sean: good point. >> this is the president of the united states. not his fault. the guy who took this was a member of the united states military. >> sean: hang on. why didn't they do anything? we had six month notice. >> got it in baghdad. >> why didn't we do something? >> talk about the substance of this. the saudi arabians, the gutless sons of people who want us to take iran out because they don't have the gut to do it themselves and hold us hostage for oil? do it over and over again. >> sean: you are missing the point. for six months they've known it was out there. if we stop piracy in music why can't we stop this? >> what were they supposed to do? what were they supposed to do? >> this is a 22-year-old -- >> had a disk with lady gaga mix cd on it. >> i don't know who lady lady gaga is. >> if israel can send a worm
9:50 pm
to destroy the centrifuge our government should take out servers in iceland or switzerland or sweden. should not go to switzerland in security crisis to lobby for football match. >> soccer. >> on a lady gaga disk and i will go back to the military. obama blames everything, bad weather, cold weather, st. louis, blame him for that. the president of the united states is doing a good job in the face of a bunch of right wingers that he has to face in congress. >> sean: ahhh. >> see how the right wingers do. >> the administration that were loose lipped and the gossipy things at the water cooler that they whisper in the family table, this is in this. >> you think he whispers to george bush?
9:51 pm
>> give me a break. >> that all voted for it? >> sean: we have more on the great, great american panel ahead. wi the capital one venture card we get double miles on everyurchase. so we earned a holiday trip to the big apple twice as fast! dinner! [ garth ] we get double miles every time we use our card. and since double miles add up fast, we can bring the who gang! it's hard to beat double miles! i want a maze, a ord, a... oww!
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>> sean: we continue now with the great american panel with bob beckel. all right. so, we have, let's see, the european union bails out greece. bailing out ireland. portugal and spain are next. then states in the united states, california, illinois, new york. all going to need bail-out so we're told in two years. should one taxpayer dollar spent to bail out states in the country? >> not a dime. if they went to european union, i wouldn't mind.
9:56 pm
ireland got $90 billion. not a dime. not get through the republican house. they will have to take their own medicine. it means bankruptcy. that's good. >> sean: bankruptcy is good why? they renegotiate with the liberal union. friends of bob. >> and california and new york spend money to the federal government. than they get back, more money than they send in. wyoming is a good example. nevada another example. actually is another example. right wing states that get money back. >> you think california and new york? if they need help they should get it. >> why don't they cut spending? >> cut spending and lower taxes. we'll cut spending and spend more money in defense than the world combine. start there. >> you know what? let's start there. in 2009, the defense we had millions of dollars rated out of appropriations bill by democrats and they spent it on
9:57 pm
a visitor center in san francisco. defense appropriation bill. >> can you justify -- >> i would love -- >> can you justify the united states spending as much as the rest of the world? >> can you justify that? >> can you justify responsible spending with defense saying spending millions on a visitor center is $4.45 million? >> what was it supposed to do? >> go to artillery and in the budget like iraq war budget. >> let me move on. what will be the compromise on the tax cuts? >> there shouldn't be a compromise. they should be permanent and they're necessary for the economy. >> sean: we don't have a new congress in session. how do they play the hand? >> they don't allow anything
9:58 pm
other than extension for indeterminant time to be put through the senate. they have 42 votes. they can stop anything that happen. senate could shout dun anything but appropriation. >> sean: you think susan collins and scott brown -- >> i think they will stand for it? i'm not sure. stand up for millionaires? >> i want jobs in california. >> country to grow -- [ overtalk ] >> sean: excuse me. >> let the republican party stand firm. >> 9.#% unemployment. if you want 19% unemployment is -- >> sean: what i want to do is -- >> it's for the hedge fund operators. thrown in jail before -- >> if you want europe, raise the taxes. >> wants the state to control output. >> i'd like the state to control hedge fund operations. send them to jail. >> sean: you have connections to the white house.
9:59 pm
what will the democrat and proposal -- >> the proposal, we can calm down here, i'm outnumbered. >> stop whining. >> i'm not whining. >> the deal will work out and up to million dollars. >> that is unacceptable. the republicans won't do that. >> i'm willing to bet -- you owe me $1,000 for bet on nevada. >> don't forget that. >> that is all the time we have left. >> oil's for charity. the school. >> yes. the school. >> right. tell everybody. >> that is where my son goes to school. you've been helpful. i appreciate it. i'd like to say to harry reid -- you know who else owes me money? karl rove who bet me $500